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Objective Purpose

This policy is to limit exposure to the company with regard to goods, stock and or product being returned to Allfix Fasteners Pty Ltd for credit.

Procedure Statement

This policy outlines the process, requirements, reporting and documentation of all goods being returned for credit to Allfix Fasteners Pty Ltd.


To effectively approve or reject goods, stock and or product being returned to Allfix Fasteners Pty Ltd.


This policy applies to all Allfix Fasteners Pty Ltd Employees who engage in returning goods, stock and or product to the warehouse of Allfix Fasteners Pty Ltd for credit.


  1. If the Customer does not notify Allfix Fasteners either by phone, in person or in writing within 14 days of delivery of any claim in respect of the products, per our terms and conditions of sale, we will be deemed to have complied with our obligations in full respect of the Customers order. Therefore goods will not be accepted back for return or credit after 14 days.
    1. However consideration / flexibility must be given to our priority Customers.
    2. Consideration must be given to the return of goods where the wrong size has been purchased/swap overs and standard stock. Refer to 11.
  2. The Customer may not cancel orders without consent from Allfix Fasteners. If the Customer attempts to cancel an order without consent or refuses to accept delivery, Allfix Fasteners is entitled to recover from the Customer the price of the products, freight and associated costs incurred.
  3. Allfix Fasteners will not be liable for any delays in delivery of goods from either our Delivery drivers, Couriers or any other means of delivery.
  4. Allfix Fasteners is not liable for any damage, loss or deterioration to the products in transit.
  5. A photo of goods must be forwarded via email/text to Heather Pfitzner or John Dann in her absence.
  6. Any goods purchased from catalogue have a no return policy eg: Goods purchased outside of our core range, buy in products, out of catalogue, Fat Pig, Fat Mag or catalogue left on counter are non returnable. Please note “ Non Returnable Item” on invoices.
  7. Goods that are specially ordered in, are Non Returnable items. It must be noted on the Customer’s invoice that the “Goods are Non Returnable”.
  8. Internal Sales and Sales Representatives must advise the customer of non returnable items and state non returnable on the invoice.
  9. The goods and packaging and or cartons or boxes must be in a re saleable condition to be accepted back for credit.
  10. The date of the original purchase must be determined in order to approve or reject the goods to be returned for credit.
  11. The use by date of products must be checked before accepting back for credit. Eg: Silicone.
  12. Customer change of mind and or requires smaller or larger product – we will accept goods back for credit where the customer requires a different size for a standard stocked product within 14 days per our terms and conditions of sale.
  13. Internal Sales Team Members are only authorized to issue adjustments / Credits for Cash Sale Customers over the counter. All account holder credits / adjustments are to be done by Accounts Receivable.
  14. Supplier Returns – If goods collected direct from our Supplier are incorrect, the incorrect goods must be returned to our warehouse, not directly back to our Supplier. This is so the goods are accounted for correctly and the paper trail done correctly.

Returns Procedure

  2. A Request for Return/Credit Form must be filled in by the Staff Member who is advised from the customer that they wish to return goods.
  3. The Staff member who fills in the request for Return/Credit must then seek pre approval from Heather Pfitzner or John Dann in her absence to get the AUTHORITY TO COLLECT section on the Request for Return/Credit Form signed. Or by the Purchasing Officer if the goods are faulty.
  4. Once you have the Authority to Collect signed you may then forward/give the Request for Return/Credit Form to Melissa Rhule, Warehouse Manager to arrange for collection from our Customer.
  5. The Warehouse Manager will then give the Delivery Driver or Team member collecting the goods the Request for Return/Credit form complete with signed Authority to Collect.
  7. When goods are returned to the warehouse, the goods must be sighted by the Warehouse Manager and the Request for Credit form must be then signed off by the Warehouse Manager. If the Warehouse Manager is unavailable then you must get John Dann to sight the goods and then sign the form – Dated the day the goods came into the warehouse.
  8. The completed Request for Credit Form must be then submitted to Accounts Receivable for the final approval and processing. Requests for Credit without the signature from our Warehouse Manager or John Dann will be rejected for goods returned to the warehouse. Requests for Credit will be rejected if the form is not adequately filled in. Question marks within areas on the
    form will not be accepted.

Gold Coast and Toowoomba Branch must also obtain pre approval from Heather Pfitzner or John Dann in her absence to collect and return goods to the warehouse.

Faulty goods

  1. Have a Sales Representative or Sales Staff inspect the goods and or application.
  2. If deemed faulty you must advise our Purchasing Officer.
  3. Supplier must be contacted by our Purchasing Officer to arrange approval for the return of goods.
  4. If Purchasing Officer is given authority to return to Supplier, then the “Supplier Return Authority Form” is given to the Warehouse Manager, in absence John Dann, to arrange return of goods and attached to the “Request for Return/Credit Form”
  5. Associated paperwork and a copy of “Return Authority Form” must be forwarded to the team member who receipts in our goods.

Legislation Reference

Sale of Goods Act Qld 1896 and or Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (cth) as new legislation becomes more predominant.

Direct reports

Shall Direct report to the Warehouse Manager or John Dann and or Internal Team Member as required.

Warehouse Manager Underwood – Melissa Rhule
Warehouse Storeman Gold Coast
Warehouse Storeman Toowoomba

Shall Direct report to Heather Pfitzner for submission of your Request for Return / Credit Form, clarification of any credit and any policy / Procedure requirement or amendment.

Approved by: Michael Dann
Date approved: 15/04/2019
Reviewed Date: 28/4/2021